-DISC Accredited Trainer
-Certified Human Behavioral Consultant
-Certified SDI, MBTI, 15FQ Facilitator and
-NLP Trainer

無論是在叢林中還是在會議室,Amana Wong始終都是那樣熱情。他熱衷於引導別人認識自我,增強他們的團隊合作能力和合作意願。 他是一位行動學習教練、職業生涯規劃引導師和領導力與管理能力培訓師。在過去的15年里,他掌握了體驗式學習和團隊合作能力建設培訓技能。他激勵團隊展現實力、解決衝突、建立相互信任、相互尊重,最終取得突破性成果。


Amana擅長應用DISC、Motivator、 MBTI、EQ、SDI、15FQ+ (大五)等測評工具,幫助學員認識自己及他人,培訓情境領導效能訓練和以行動學習等方法。發展人際溝通技巧的過程中互動學習,鼓勵管理人員進行教練,幫助打造高效能團隊,提高個人領導力和促進信任的客戶關係。




資信科技企業如:雅虎、谷歌、IBM、諾基亞、NTT DATA、微軟、甲骨文、SAP、ScanDisk(西部電子)、Tapjoy等。


About the Trainer:


Amana is an action-learning coach, consultative facilitator and life-skill trainer, who specialized in people development. Over the last 15 years, he has proven to be a master in facilitating individual, team and organization development using experiential learning. Whether it is out in the bush or back in a conference room, Amana’s enthusiasm shows through. He has passion in guiding people from an initial state of self-awareness to engaging with others through enhanced collaboration and an enduring commitment to change. Amana has been certified and accredited to use various psychometric assessment tools in talent development, for instance:


• Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),
• Behavioral Profile (DISC), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),
• Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)


Amana has strong facilitation skills and has conducted numerous interactive workshops, conferences and off-site meetings in HK, Taiwan and Mainland China. He works closely withclients on:


• Facilitating team development and enabling behavioral change
• Developing middle management and leadership capabilities
• Coaching teams and individuals for accelerated performance


Amana facilitates Action Learning, Leadership Development, Team Building and Coaching for middle management as well as front-line team leaders and supervisors. He speaks inEnglish, Cantonese and Mandarin. Over the decade, Amana has designed and delivered over many programs across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan to more than 10,000 people from Fortune 500 companies.