Growth Mindset for Ideal Team

Activity Focus

The right people” are the ones who have 3 virtues in common – Humility, Hunger and People Smart.


Workshop Objective:


  1. To understand the differences between fixed mindset and growth mindset
  2. To apply growth mindset in goal setting, giving feedback and team collaboration


Workshop Design:


  1. Modified version of “marshmallow challenge” for understanding growth mindset
  2. Application of growth mindset by CARE (Catch / Aware / Reset / Execute)
  3. Application of giving feedback by BEST (Body / Emotion / Specific / Timely)
  4. Facilitated by “Jamboard” and “Microsoft Team”

Key Learning

Workshop Modules

  1. Fixed mindset vs. Growth mindset
  2. Growth mindset and goal setting
  3. Growth mindset and giving feedback
  4. Team collaboration with growth mindset

The training can be conducted in online/offline format, content is fully customizable based on your organization’s requirements. Please contact us for more details.

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